una mica sobre mi


I am a person who has always wanted to understand myself and to understand. The paths I’ve traveled have been many, and the discoveries, which are still happening, are very valuable.


That is why I like to share everything I have learned and experienced in myself: all those things, thoughts, feelings and experiences that have allowed me to broaden my gaze, understand the complex yet wonderful functioning of the human being, and place myself in a space of trust and responsibility.


I am firmly convinced that every human being has unrealized potential and that by creating a secure and safe space this latent capacity reveals itself and can attain all its splendor.


I understand life, with its hardships and its joys, as a path of transformation and fulfillment. I believe in the combination of a psychological, emotional, corporal and spiritual therapeutic support. This view has helped me understand tremendously how our biology works and helped experience the concepts of self-regulation and pulsation. The path that I offer is one of respectful, compassionate and kind listening to yourself.



TRE © International Trainer and certified provider, TRE © is a technique for stress  self-management and deep tension and trauma release.


Psychoanalysis therapist. Graduated from Sigmund Freud University in Vienna-Paris. An individual and group therapy based on Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis and Freud and Jung’s Psychoanalysis, among other disciplines.


Espacio Salud Integral founder and director. A space created for the practice of curative and preventive, corporal and psychological therapies, which is based in Sant Martí de Centelles (Barcelona). It is in this space where I offer health and awareness retreats to people who want or need to incorporate new tools to manage their daily life and want to do a “reset” on their lives.


Director and teacher of the EEPA, Ecole Européenne des philosophes te Psychothérapie Appliquées at its headquarters in Barcelona (www.eepa.fr) from 2009 to 2015.


Bodily therapist in the ARC system (Body Restorative Analysis) that includes microgimnasia, restorative massage and gravitoteràpia.


Bodily therapist and Nadeau technique teacher. The Nadeau technique is a body regenerating technique that consists of doing 1,200 movements in 20 minutes, and that stimulates the spinal cord in order to trigger the  benefits that this activation has on the rest of the vital organs.

Kinesiology by the Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute & Touch for Health I and II by the International Kinesiology College. It is a natural health system that works with the eastern “energy” systems and western antony and physiology knowledge. It evaluates the muscle tone and mobility of the person to, if necessary, rebalance the system.


Zero Balancing. “Zero Balancing teaches us that the deepest currents of energy are found in the bone, that memory can be maintained in the tissue, that under the mind, body and emotions there are energy fields that in imbalance precede pathology” (Frederick Smith). By using finger pressure and sustained stretching, Zero Balancing helps in the release of accumulated tension in the deep structures of the body.


TRE© ‘s TRE-Iberoamérica community promoter and coordinator. A Spanish-speaking community of professionals, who share the natural reflex of neurogenic tremors and carry out continuous individual and group practices. We work as a team through cooperation and creativity to create vibrant cells and bring TRE © to as many people as possible.


Author of the following illustrated books: